Russian Beginner Nature (Part 1)

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This section teaches how to identify different elements of Nature in Tagalog.

Because the Phillipines is located in the tropical zone (near the center of the equator), it never snows in the country, even during the coldest months of the year. However, the rainy season brings plenty of rain and strong winds. More than a dozen typhoons pass the Philippines every year, with some reaching record-breaking wind speeds and causing millions of dollars worth of property damage.

The Philippines lies on the northern hemisphere so stars normally seen in the US and other countries north of the equator can be seen during nighttime with clear weather. The heavenly bodies have a deep influence on Filipino culture, especially on local folklore and mythology. According to a local Filipino myth, the Bakunawa, a giant serpent with a mouth the size of a lake devours the moon or sun, causing eclipses.

Elements of Nature

Rain: u-LAN

Wind: HA-ngin

Snow: Ni-YE-be

Cloud: U-lap

Heavenly Bodies

Sun: A-raw

Moon: Bu-WAN

Star: Bi-tu-IN