Portuguese Beginner Parts of the Body (Part 2)

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This section will help you learn how to identify the different parts of the body in Tagalog. This will come in handy when a part of your body is in pain and you need to explain it to a Filipino doctor or nurse.

Knee: TU-hod – The knee is a joint that connects the thigh with the rest of the leg, which also serves as a pivot point.

                Example: My knee hurts because of all the walking. Ang tuhod ko ay masakit dahil sa lahat ng paglalakad.

Foot: Pa-A – The feet has ten toes, which provides extra grip when you are walking or running.

                Example: This shoe is too big for my foot. Ang sapatos na ito ay masyadong malaki para sa aking paa.

Gut: Bi-TU-ka – Nutrients from digested food are absorbed in the gut.

                Example: Chicken guts are barbecued and sold in the streets. Ang bituka ng manok ay iniihaw at ibinebenta sa mga kalye.

Belly: Ti-YAN – The belly contains most of the major organs involved in digesting food.

                Example: I rub my belly when I’m full. Hinihimas ko ang tiyan ko pag ako ay busog.

Liver: a-TAY – The liver acts as a filter, keeping your blood free from toxins.

                Example: Too much liquor is bad for your liver. Ang sobrang alak ay masama sa iyong atay.

Leg:  Bin-TI – The legs provide support to the body when you are standing upright.

                Example: A mosquito bit my leg. Kinagat ng lamok ang aking binti.