Ilocano Beginner Domestic Animals

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This lesson takes a closer look at how to identify some of the Philippine’s domestic animals in Tagalog. Domestic animals play an important role in Filipino culture, especially in rural areas and certain provinces. In fact, the country’s national animal is the carabao, a type of water buffalo that serves as a beast of burden.

Cats are popular house pets both in urban and rural areas because they are good at chasing away common pests such as rats and cockroaches. Dogs are present in almost every household, protecting their masters’ home from trespassers and keeping them company. Larger animals like the horse and carabao (a type of water buffalo) help out farmers by pulling heavy carts or by plowing the fields.

Domestic animals are also a valuable source of food for Filipinos. Poultry like chicken and ducks are raised for their meat, and unfertilized duck eggs (called balut) are one of the most iconic Filipino snacks. Pigs are sold and cooked whole on an open fire (lechon), or sold in various cuts, although beef and “carabeef” (carabao meat) fetch a higher price in the market.

Common Domestic Animal Words

Cat :  PU-sa

Dog:  A-so

Goat: Kam-BING

Duck : PA-to

Cow: BA-ka

Horse: Ka-BA-yo

Chicken: Ma-NOK